Funding Successes

Thank you for funding us: As always, we are extremely grateful to all of our funders without this support we could not continue to operate – thank you, one and all.


We are very grateful to Councillor Raphael Andrews (Clerkenwell) who has once again approved a Local Initiative Funding payment for £500 for us.

We received £1000 from our local branch of the Chelsea Building Society following the customer voting in the branch!

Author Peter John and his co-authors Sarah Cotterill, Alice Moseley, Liz Richardson, Graham Smith, Gerry Stoker and Corinne Wales kindly donated to FCV projects the royalties from their book which was recently published. This amounted to over £400. Thank you so much! Their book is Nudge, Nudge, Think, Think and here is the link.

Earlier this month we learnt that St Sepulchre’s – who have generously supported us in the past –  are giving us a further  £5,000 this year and we received from the local Rotary Club a cheque for £2,500.

We receive a number of regular and one off donations via our Local webpage

A heartfelt thanks to all our donors for every donation. We are truly very grateful to you all.   Our target to keep us afloat for this financial year is £42,000 – and we need around £10,000 more to reach this total. So if you have any fundraising suggestions to help us – please get in touch!


We are once again very grateful for donations from the Waitrose Community Matters Fund from the recent “green token” collections there:-

£339 from Barbican Branch
£400 from Liverpool Road Branch

Many thanks to the Waitrose partners for selecting us and to everyone shopping at these Waitrose branches who popped their tokens in these boxes to support our befriending work!


We are very grateful to Councillor James Court (Clerkenwell) who has recently approved Local Initiative Funding for £1,467 for us.

£500 from Bwin
£250 from Sainsburys
Funding from MUSI


We received £161 from our friends at Little Waitrose Highbury Corner – many thanks to Maria, Sam, Brenda and all the staff and customers at this Waitrose branch!.

A further £155 was donated by from Little Waitrose, London Bridge (the branch near to where one of our volunteers works!)

We were featured in the Waitrose branches at the Angel and at the Barbican during March – so hopefully we will receive some further funding from these branches in due course.

By the way, if you are one of the volunteers who from time to time fills in the card in your local Waitrose and suggests FCV Dorcas Befriending as one of the Charities to be included – then thank you to you too!

Finally, we’ve received a further, generous amount of £2,500 from the Cripplegate Foundation who manage the Islington Council’s Community Fund.

We are truly very grateful to ALL of our funders and we really appreciate every donation which we receive which helps to keep our little charity going from strength to strength


We have been fortunate to receive further funding in recent months to help us continue our befriending work.

In January 2016 were lucky enough to be awarded the sum of £2900 from two of our local Councillors from their Local Initiatives Funding.  Councillor Nurullah Turan (St Mary’s Ward) allocated us £1,914 – he has supported us in the past and we really appreciate his great contribution. And Councillor Angela Picknell( St Mary’s Ward) also gave us £1000. We really appreciate funding from our local councillors as we feel that really endorses the work that we do and is a true recognition of the value our befriending services in the local area

At the end of 2015 The Humane Society (previous sponsors) dontated a further £5000 to F&C Volunteers towards the costs of running the Lunch Club & etc.  In addition to this, we recived further donations from two other previous sponsors:  £250 from Bwin and £200 from Lloyds Bank Legal Department.

We’re so grateful for all of this funding – it keeps us going!!


We were lucky enough to get some more funding in September 2015:  Islington Council Local Initiatives Funding – £1000  from Councillor Andrews (Clerkenwell ward) and £1500 from Councillors Gallagher, Khan and Webbe (Bunhill ward).

We received a very generous £2340 from Arsenal to fund the FCV telephone befriending club in September 2015.

FCV Dorcas Befriending Project received £1,000 in September 2015 from the UCL Community Contribution Award for 2015 on behalf of one of our UCL volunteers who has asked to remain anonymous. This award is funded by Santander and it aims to highlight, celebrate and reward outstanding achievement or endeavour by current UCL students in a non-academic field. It’s a significant achievement to receive such an award which also recognises UCL’s continued contribution to the community.


WAITROSE – Highbury Corner
We’ve received funding from the Community Matters Fund from Waitrose Highbury Corner branch in August 2015 £170 – thanks guys! (and thank you everyone who voted for us with your green tokens)

In April 2015 we were fortunate enough to receive further funding from the Cripplegate Foundation of £4000 to enable us to continue our Befriending work.  We really appreciated this very generous amount and we will work hard to prove that we really do deserve it!

In January 2015, we received very generous support from our local Islington Councillors:  Cllr Nick Wayne (Barnsbury Ward) £3000 and Cllr Nurullah Turan (St Mary’s ward) £1000.   It means a lot to us – many, many thanks!

WAITROSE – Barbican
We’ve received funding from the Community Matters Fund from Waitrose Barbican branch in April 2015 £300. Our grateful thanks to Waitrose and to everyone who voted for us with your green tokens!


Thank you to Santander from whom we received the generous sum of £2,500 in January 2015 to help to pay our room rental costs and telephone charges. Thank you so much –for your very generous funding








Our fundraising team continues to beaver away in the background. If you have any suggestions for fundraising ideas please get in touch. Any suggestions for funding big and small are always welcome!